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FlashBack Friday!


UK Protest White Genocide in South Africa


Mandela Parliament Square– London

Sign of the Times! Mandela Parliament Square- London 19th April 2014 #WR #AntiWhite #WhiteManMarch #BNP #EDL #FN — Horus the Avenger (@eurorabbit) April 19, 2014 Share!

Message in a Bottle!

"Diversity is a CodeWord for #WhiteGenocide" bottles washing up on beaches in Northern Europe #WR #tcot — Horus the Avenger (@eurorabbit) April 19, 2014 Share!

White Man March United Kingdom


Sign of the times #6

              Spotted on an overpass in Birmingham England Share!

How Whites Took Over America part 2

How Whites took over America part 2 Teepees & Refugees Share!

The British say NO to White geNOcide


Sign of the Times #4


White Genocide Exposed in EU Parliament


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