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White Genocide in motion!


Anti-Whites pushing for open borders in Switzerland, despite majority opposition.

Back in February this year, the majority of Swiss voted to limit the number of immigrants allowed into the country. Next month on November 30th, they will vote for the latest Ecopop initiative, called “Stop overpopulation – safeguard our natural resources“, proposes that the number of immigrants should be limited to 16,000 people a year […]

FlashBack Friday!


UK Protest White Genocide in South Africa


Mandela Parliament Square– London

Sign of the Times! Mandela Parliament Square- London 19th April 2014 #WR #AntiWhite #WhiteManMarch #BNP #EDL #FN — Horus the Avenger (@eurorabbit) April 19, 2014 Share!

Message in a Bottle!

"Diversity is a CodeWord for #WhiteGenocide" bottles washing up on beaches in Northern Europe #WR #tcot — Horus the Avenger (@eurorabbit) April 19, 2014 Share!

White Man March United Kingdom


Sign of the times #6

              Spotted on an overpass in Birmingham England Share!

How Whites Took Over America part 2

How Whites took over America part 2 Teepees & Refugees Share!

The British say NO to White geNOcide


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