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Chasing Down White Women

Implementing White Genocide will take place one White life at time. It will take place step by step. Germany, burdened by a wickedly imposed guilt trip, is leading the way. When will you and your home be the front line? Fraufuhrer Merkel has pledged to enrich German society with 800,000 non-Germans per year. To prepare […]

Low-income Germans being evicted to make room for immigrants

A few weeks ago, there was outrage when the town of Mundenheim controversially decided to evict elderly German citizens from a permanent homeless shelter. The town’s government evicted them so they could turn their homes into a “refugee shelter”. The mayor of the town of Nieheim, Rainer Vidal, has decided to do something similar. He has […]

Red Ice Radio – Kevin MacDonald, Tim Murdock & John Friend – Invasion of Europe

Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D. in Biobehavioral Sciences, is the editor and chief contributor of The Occidental Observer, which presents original content touching on themes of white identity, white interests, and the culture of the West. Tim Murdock is the host of White Rabbit Radio and the voice of Horus the Avenger, bringing awareness to White […]

Co-founder of Hungary’s current government exposes White Genocide in speech

On Sunday the 13th, of September, Zsolt Bayer, a co-founder of the “Fidesz” political party – Hungary’s  currently elected political party, has warned of “racial weapons” being used to destroy Europe. Speaking in Budapest, he told a cheering crowd that “There are all kinds of weapons: traditional, chemical, atomic. And now we see that there […]

Who does Peter Sutherland think he’s kidding?

Why is Peter Sutherland one of the loudest and most aggressive proponents of opening the borders for this “migrant” crisis? Is Peter just a big hippy at heart? Is he looking for his place in history as the “Father of the global love party” ? What is Peter “Open The Borders” Sutherland’s real motivation? Perhaps […]

Politician tells the UK to open borders and “get on with it”

A politician in the UK recently told the houses of parliament that if the people of the UK don’t open their borders to a never ending flow of “migrants” they “will live to regret it” for the rest of their lives. Gerald Kaufman, who is an MP in an area of the UK called Gorton, […]

WARNING: Elderly Germans being evicted from homeless shelter to make room for illegal immigrants

In Mundenheim, a district in the city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein, German citizens are being evicted to make room for illegal immigrants. “Where should we go?” said one resident. “I have lived here for 40 years. They just throw you out?” Another resident said “We have to leave to make place for these ‘others’. Who […]

CROATIA: Street Activism – “Mass immigration – Genocide of White nations”

“Hello FWG! I live in Croatia, and recently our government had be given order by EU leaders that we have to handle  3200 (probably much more unofficially) immigrants that have come in Italy and Greece. Of course, our media is mostly pro-immigrant, with their pathetic portrayal of “poor refugees.” But, ironically, most people are against […]

Stop White Genocide activism on the streets of Latvia

On August 4, hundreds of Latvians and people from other Baltic countries joined together to protest the attempts by anti-Whites to kick start White genocide in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. “Stop Genocide Against Latvians” read one protestor’s sign, and another sign called to “Stop Genocide Against White Nations” The protests had around 1,500 people and […]

Swedish University removes all portraits and busts of White Male Professors

Portraits and busts of all the “white male professors” have been removed from the part of Stockholm University, Sweden, which is dedicated to the study of Law. Not only have they be removed, but they have also been replaced by artwork which apparently promotes “diversity”. One of these is a drawing of a moose head […]

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