White Genocide: Swedish minority by 2050


For many White countries, 2050 seems to be the point that they are predicted to become minority White. According to the data, this is true for Sweden as well.

Almost 20 years ago, most areas in Sweden were over 70% to 80% Swedish.



In 2009, one area (Botkyrka) was minority Swedish, and just a few years later Malmö and Södertälje became minority Swedish.


Assuming that the immigration levels into Sweden kept at the same levels they did in 2009, over half of the major Swedish urban areas would be minority Swedish, and by 2050 Swedes would probably become a minority in their own country.

This is of course assuming that immigration levels stay the same, which they are not – they are increasing.

That’s because a lot of anti-Whites in Sweden are trying to carry out White genocide in the country as fast as they can.

They try to chase down White areas in the name of “diversity”, but that is just a code for White genocide.

H/T White GeNOcide Project