White children in Britain told to go to mixed schools



Backup_of_wesleyEYESAs part of their “diversity” agenda, anti-Whites are trying to stop White parents from putting their children in majority White schools.

In Britain, this is being promoted on the blatant lie that White students are lazy and non-White students will make them work harder.

Actually, this is because most non-White students live in the cities, and inner-city schools receive more funding.

Demos, a government think-tank, recently released a study which found some parts of England have naturally separated by race, despite “diversity” policies.

Trevor Phillips, a member of Demos, used this development as a chance to promote anti-White doctrine.

To some extent, in London the clever thing for smart middle-class parents to do is to look for schools which have substantial numbers of Indian heritage children, because the statistics say that their child will benefit from sitting in the same class as those motivated kids.

What’s important here is that parents have more information about these issues, they think a bit more carefully about the choices they are making because if we do that we can both do something about the social separation – which I think everyone would accept isn’t such a great thing – but we can also help some of those who are lagging behind.

White children are the ones who are doing least well. Those white children who are in schools where there are a lot of high-performing minorities tend to do better. There is something about sitting in class with those kids that improves performance … We are trying to prepare children for a diverse world – schools should reflect that.

For some strange reason, where ever there are White people, there is this “diversity” problem which can only be solved by making the area minority White.

Despite all the mountains of evidence, these anti-Whites still deny that “diversity” just means White genocide.

H/T White GeNOcide Project