UK: Anti-Whites throwing a tantrum after White Genocide poster found near a school.



Sunny Days Nursery, a place for pre-school children in Derbyshire, has been the latest place to see the White genocide message posted in public.

Although the “Multiculturalism is Genocide” poster does not strictly mention White genocide, that’s the point it’s making because it was placed over a cartoon with a mixed-race child featuring in it.

James Fisher, owner of Sunny Days Nursery, and father of two mixed-race children, says he does not want to formally file a complaint with the police, but it seems the Derby Telegraph, a local newspaper, wants to lead the witch-hunt.

The Derby Telegraph wrote that the “perverted message” was “evil“, and then tried to indirectly call whomever put up the poster a Nazi.

Genocide – the word has such horrors, ironically being brought into play as we mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day and victory over a Nazi regime which practised it” the Derby Telegraph wrote.

they [the person who put up the poster] have to be identified to remove any possibility of their bile being spread.

When they have finished drying their pants, maybe they should educate themselves: “diversity” and “multiculturalism” are codewords to call for White Genocide.

Anti-Whites would prefer to talk about “diversity”, rather than talk about their real agenda, where no area can be “too White”.

This “Multiculturalism is Genocide” poster is not just a one-off occurrence, it is part of a global campaign to expose White genocide.

H/T White GeNOcide Project