The Con of Cuckservatism

Mention the #Cuckservative meme to a Republican and their heads begin to spin and the back peddling begins. It is quite strange that they seem to worry about being pro-White when the majority of their constituents that vote them into power are White. They are distancing themselves further from the people the supposedly represent through their cuckoldry. Cuckservative Republicans have turned their backs on true conservatives and lack any testicular fortitude to stand up and come out of their slumber of political correctness and equality that is ruining Western society through forced immigration and forced assimilation. Mike Enoch from The Daily Shoah sums it up about where the Cuckservatives have lost and why they will continue to be whiny shills that cater to everything except true conservatism.

From the Daily Caller – Comments – by Mike Enoch

Look, you guys have lost, even on the issues important to you as Christians because of your cuckoldry on the race issue. You’re not doing anything to preserve the white majority, but you’re not winning on your issues either. Gay marriage is a done deal. Abortion is here to stay, particularly as more broken nonwhite families enter the social services system and are encouraged by bureaucrats to abort. You lost, you lost, you lost.

With a white majority these issues were winnable, because whites vote conservative in the majority. But by being cowards on the issue of immigration and bending over for the left’s quite open plan of demographic replacement of whites in order to secure a permanent nonwhite left wing majority you lost. In 8 years it may be demographically impossible for the GOP to win a national election ever again. Even your precious Christian issues are done. Even your cucking for Israel is under threat. Do you think a nonwhite majority in the US is going to be keen to support your favorite ethnostate? They side with the Palestinians!

You lost everything, and all because you were afraid a group of communists, atheists and homosexuals would call you racist.

Many of the Cuckservatives fail to see the big picture. They have been molded into a mass of quivering Jello that will not take a stance against the anti-White narrative. The days of the John McCains, Mike Huckabees, Lindsey Grahams, etc. are numbered in the political sphere as Whites are beginning to take notice of the cuckoldry by the Republicans. The Cuck’s con has blinded the majority of Whites by using blinders of White guilt, forced immigration, White self hatred and forced assimilation to achieve the narrative to serve both sides of the isle. Whites are waking up to the perversions of the Cuckservative con artist.

So what is this con and how are we all involved? The #Cuckservative meme is just a part of the con that White Rabbit Radio has explained many times on his radio shows. The #Cuckservative meme is a byproduct of the second part of the con. Tim Murdock, from Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit, explains it perfectly.

Throughout the years Whites have all been force fed a doctrine of political correctness, multiculturalism and a blended society by global elitists. Many end up having White guilt about what these elitist historians have told us through modern media and social outlets. People embrace the political correctness and self hatred for things they had no involvement in. Let’s look at the three stages of the con and how it effects the people negatively involved.

1. Denial of the con. It is human nature to deny that a person been lied to. This demoralization will cause the person or persons to constantly deny that anything has happened. Often, they deny until there is nothing left. The world around them is tumbling down.

2. Acceptance of the con. The realization that a person or persons been taken advantage of. Generally the person will laugh at the misfortune that it has caused them. For instance, in the last few years, more people are starting to make fun of political correctness and the thought of immigration is a good thing for all people. These people were fed the ideals of a utopian society where equality and integration are wonderful. That elephant in the room is starting to be acknowledged. Naturally, the person will laugh at the con as it is the best human emotion possible to make the person feel better and to accept the misfortune of being misled. Generally the person or persons accept it and move on.

3. Anger at the con artist. After the laughter and acceptance, anger ensues due to the realization that the person has been taken advantage of and LIED to. The person will seek to get what they lost back and only realize it is too late. What they thought was a good idea, was nothing close. At this point, they are seething with anger and question why did this even happen.

A great example of a con that Whites across the globe have experienced is that of multiculturalism and integration. What we were taught in school and throughout politically correct society has made things worse. We have been taken advantage of in the name of this unattainable utopia and have gone smiling to the gallows. All thanks to our Cuckservative leaders. Race is real and White Genocide is happening. Political correctness is a code word for Anti-White. The #Cuckservative meme is knocking the Republicans and their blind sheep against the ropes. It looks as though we are experiencing the last stage of the con as Whites are waking up to the false representation by the Cuckservatives which they once held dear.

H/T MeinVolk