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Yet again the Pope is sticking his nose into Europe’s neo-invasion at the hands of mass illegal immigration and open border politicians.

How many of our brothers and sisters are living in this time a real and dramatic situation of exile, far from their homeland,Pope Francis said.

Still in their eyes the reflection of their homes reduced to rubble, their hearts full of fear and often, unfortunately, sorrow at the loss of loved ones!

And when they try to go somewhere else, they find the door closed to them,

There they are, at the border, because so many doors and so many hearts are closed. Today’s migrants suffer from the cold, without food and with no way to enter. They do not feel welcome.” He said, in reference to Macedonia’s recently closed borders.

How it pleases me to hear of nations and rulers who open their hearts and open their doors!

Brussels foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, has warned that there are an ADDITIONAL 450,000 illegal immigrants waiting in Libya who would try to break into Europe in Summer 2016.

Europe is being swamped with illegal immigrants, but this was no accident. In Summer 2014, the EU was paying EU countries 6000 Euros per “refugee” moved into Europe.

This caused a stampede towards Europe, and the “diversity” politicians took them in, instead of enforcing the border laws like they should have done.

At first, they were going to use illegal immigrants to “diversify” Europe even more, but European citizens have turned strongly against them, despite a mainstream media blackout on immigrant crimes.

The “diversity” politicians want to get rid of White majorities. It’s not “diversity” as they claim, is a deliberate policy to wipe out White majorities – it is White genocide.

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So according to Pope FrancisEurope is like Sara,” the non-child bearing wife of Abraham, “which first gets scared but then smiles secretly” and he said that “in the end, Europe will smile to migrants.

Europe must and can change. It can and must reform itself. If it is unable to financially help the countries of origin of refugees, you must face the problem of how to address this great challenge that is primarily humanitarian, but not all.

But the thing is, when he says “Europe” he’s not talking about Vatican city – the micro-country he lives in. Vatican city has only taken in two “refugee” families. There are many parks which could be converted into “refugee” camps. So why has this not even been proposed? Why are there no refugee camps next to the Vatican?

What’s even more interesting is that in September 2015, an Arab journalist posed as a Syrian “refugee”, then asked priests and Vatican city officials to give him help, only to be sent away on all occasions.

And this is after the Pope called on “every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary of Europe” to take in at least one immigrant family.

Is it me or does this smell a bit like hypocrisy? Well, maybe I do smell . . . but the hypocrisy is nose-burningly bad.

The EU leaders, big business leaders, “anti-racists”, and etc are all pushing this on us suckers, but they don’t even have the integrity to live in one of these “diverse” areas that they whined for.

Their “diversity” agenda is just a codeword for White genocide.

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At a meeting with Irish business leaders, Dr Markus Kerber, CEO of the Federation of German Industries, said that Germany will be expecting Ireland and other EU countries to take Middle Eastern immigrants who were allowed to flood into Germany in 2015.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party, the CDU, is facing three key state elections in March. Her party doesn’t want to lose them, so it expects Ireland and other EU countries to share any recently arrived Arab illegal immigrants.

Quotas would be placed on EU countries depending on how many people live there and how rich the country is.

He said Germany may be willing to give EU countries special deals to make this happen, such as a funding package to help decrease Greek debt.

Everyday Germans are growing furious at the bare-faced treachery of its politicians, and alternative immigration parties are growing in popularity.

For example, the former Vice Chancellor of Germany, Joschka Fischer, once wrote that “Germany is to be contained from outside and heterogenized from the inside by influx, ‘diluted’ so to speak.

It should be obvious to all onlookers that Merkel is certainly carrying out this plan of “diluting” Germany. But then, as are all Western governments, from America, to Canada, to Europe, to Australia.

They hope that mass immigration and forced “diversity” will get rid of the White population. Whatever the hell they are calling this, this is a legal definition for what they are doing.

White Genocide – they are trying to get rid of the White majority and that is quite simply genocide.

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In a suspiciously short amount of time, mainstream politicians have gone from denouncing anti-mass immigration protesters as “right-wing extremists“, to completely agreeing with much of what they were saying.

If you think that immigrants all just started breaking into Europe in 2014, and that the combined powers of Europe were powerless to stop it, then they have truly deceived you.

From time immemorial, European countries have been able to protect their borders from all immigration they did not want. Laws were deliberately put in place, ignored, or undermined, so that border enforcement were overwhelmed.

Perhaps it might interest you to know that in 2008, EU politicians were secretly trying to arrangefree movement of people in Africa and the EU” so that they could flood Europe with 56 million Africans by 2050.

Free movement” – I just have to lol so hard at that.

The president of Zimbabwe has said many times that his country is not for White people, and the current Liberian constitution states that you can only be a citizen of the country if you are “a Negro or of Negro descent“.

Globalists, the “Free movement” people, and the so-called “anti-racists” don’t care at all about that.

You see, “free movement” means Africans get to keep their countries; Asians keep theirs, and Arabs keep theirs. It means that White majority countries specifically, must allow the third world to pour in.

And the EU rulers were at it again in November 2015 trying to get Africans to flood in, at a time when ordinary Europeans were growing increasingly worried about mass immigration.

They were going to replace the illegal African and Arab immigrants with legal ones – and they were going to pay African countries 1.4 billion Euros to do it, but in the end, the public found out about it.

Don’t trust what the anti-Whites say. Their agenda has not changed, and though they may pretend to speak for the public interest, their goal has always been White genocide. They want us to get rid of us with mass immigration and forced “diversity”.

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Hristo Grigorov, the spokesman for the Bulgarian Red Cross said that a wave of 3 to 4 million so-called “refugees” will be storming Europe in Spring 2016 – 4 times as many who did in the whole of 2015.

He saidthose that started this game understood this was a very big mistake as the price is ultimately not paid by weapon sellers but by normal people and mothers with children…

He warned that “Europe will pay the highest price.

Analysts are predicting that in just Italy alone “at least 400 thousand immigrants” will land in the country “in the coming weeks.

Filippo Grandi, the new head of the UN’s refugee agency, has pretty much the same opinion as the guy before him did: Europe must take as many as it can, but let’s not outright demand the same thing of any non-White countries like Japan or South Korea.

Europe can absorb more genuine refugees if it would be better organised among the different member-statesGrandi said.

However, we understand the predicament. It is a social and political predicament which is very serious.

This “political predicament” that he speaks of means that many people are increasingly rejecting the idea of turning the West into a “diverse” and “international” “melting-pot”.

The elites have themselves admitted many times that they want mass immigration to turn White people into the minority – this has been the whole point of mass immigration into majority White countries, post-1960.

It’s White genocide because they are trying to get rid of us.

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Even before Angela Merkel flooded Germany with Arab immigrants, there were lots of Turks living in German cities who chose to live among other Turks and form Turkish areas.

Since taking in over 1.5 million Arabs from 2014, German citizens are starting to fear for the future of their country, as Muslim groups claim the banning of alcohol in Germany will stop sex attacks by foreigners.

Now that German cities have been colossally devastated, Karl-Friedrich Thoene, a member of Thuringia’s ministry of infrastructure and agriculture, says that German towns and villages should be turned into an “integration laboratory, where German people are the test subjects.

The rural regions are a laboratory of integration,” he said, “there can be no parallel societies in rural areas.

The village community is the ideal chance for integration.

Thoene said that “we need incentives to persuade the migrants to stay [in rural areas].

Gudrun Kirchhoff, from the German Institute of Urban Affairs, agreed with Thoene’s plan, saying that lower cost of living, cheaper rents and tight-knit communities are “factors of success“.

The anti-White elite say that we need immigration because we have a low birth rate and will not have enough workers. This is a lie.

Western countries do not need low-skilled labor, because by around 2030, an estimated 50% of all today’s workers will be replaced by robots; especially low-skilled jobs.

So why does Germany REALLY need to bring in millions of non-German Arabs and Africans, and then “integrate” them?

The elite is anti-White, and for some reason, they want to turn White areas into minority White areas.

They call it “diversity”, but they are only targeting White areas. “Diversity” is actually their code word for White genocide.

What they are doing is the crime of genocide. If Black areas were targeted for mass non-Black immigration, all because they were labelled “too Black” – that would also be genocide.

Well, this is White genocide – and it’s wrong.

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In a Swedish school, Arminas Pileckas, a 15 year-old Lithuanian boy, was stabbed to death by a 14 year-old “Arab student after Arminas stopped him from sexually assaulting a Swedish girl in his class.

The “Arab” boy, who was reportedly from Syria, was sexually assaulting a Swedish girl when Arminas stepped in and stopped him.

In December, the “Arab” boy was suspended from school for the attack but was allowed back on January the 11th.

On the “Arab” boy’s first day back at school, he took a knife and stabbed Arminas in the back puncturing his heart.

This disgusting crime has received no media attention, internationally, and in Swedish media it is only being reported by a few journalists, who are blatantly taking the side of the “Arab” boy.

Arminas’ father has described it as a “cover-up” and said that when it was reported, journalists were all trying to get the “Arab” boy’s side of the story, and were not asking him for his side.

For example, Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, tried to spin the story to suggest that Arminas was a bully and the “Arab” boy was just upset and in need of help.

Sweden and Germany have really put their White genocide agenda into high gear in the last year, and things are getting crazy.

Despite censorship, stories like this are making it into the mainstream and people are starting to see that the anti-Whites in power don’t care about us, but that they only care about forcing their failed “diversity” agenda on us.

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