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Following the worldwide trend of the popular “White Genocide” internet meme cropping up in almost every corner of the western world, Pro-White website Renegade Broadcasting.com has taken it upon themselves to take the fight yet one step further. The guys and gals at Renegade have started a banner drive to raise money for Pro-White activism and the funding of White Genocide banners to be passed out to activists worldwide. Many of the activists will be displaying the banners at the upcoming White Man March which humorously enough will be taking place on March the 15 . The sites banner drive page states the following “The funds raised through this campaign will be used to purchase (at cost) at least 70 large banners to be displayed all across the United States, and perhaps across the world.” We here at White Rabbit Radio salute this fine group of Pro-White activists and much appreciate their hard work. What we are witnessing is the beginning of a tidal wave destined to consume our enemy’s. This IS the 2014 American version of the Soviet Union’s samizdat, but I will come back to that soon.
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the original classic from Smiling White Faces

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Someone saw this sign while driving in New Zealand!