Swedes could become a minority among 16 year-old boys as early as 2016



Doing some simple maths shows us that if nothing is done, Swedes will be a minority among the 16 year-old boys demographic in 2016.

Currently, 30% of this group are non-Swedish.

There is a daily intake of 309 “unaccompanied children” and 91% are boys. 32% (or 90) of those 281 boys a-day are 16 years old.

If it continues for a year, that’s 33,000 16 year-old illegal immigrants – 38% of this group, currently.

38% + 30% = 68%. So that’s 3 out of 5 16-year-old boys who could be non-Swedish by the end of 2016.

The Swedish elite are perhaps the most deserving of being named anti-White.

●They have said Sweden belongs to the immigrants.

●They have legally denied that races exists.

●They have denied that Swedes exist.

●They have gone berserk in their attempts to get as many immigrants in as possible.

●They have made it crime to criticize immigration online.

If you aren’t convinced about all this White genocide stuff – look to Sweden.

H/T White Genocide Project