Politician tells the UK to open borders and “get on with it”


A politician in the UK recently told the houses of parliament that if the people of the UK don’t open their borders to a never ending flow of “migrants” they “will live to regret it” for the rest of their lives. Gerald Kaufman, who is an MP in an area of the UK called Gorton, said that he receives “mailbags” each day from people in his area who are saying the UK must open the borders and “let them in.” He goes on to rouse the crowd in the parliament room by concluding, “let’s get on with it!”

Now, what Kaufmann doesn’t point out is the reason he is getting these mailbags of letters (assuming he’s not lying) is because approximately 48% of the people in his area are non-White and that’s only counting the ones who responded to the census data! So, as you can see, it’s never just one “migrant” boy, it’s never just one “migrant” family, it’s ALL “migrants” that want to come to White countries! After all how can these “liberals” close the borders to “migrant” number 40,000,001?


most migrants
Then once these “migrants” come into White countries they start to vote for more non-White immigration and in any shape or form; be it refugees, asylum seekers “tech workers” or “to do the jobs that we won’t do” workers. But isn’t ethnic networking how all groups of people work? Ethnic groups want to be around their own kind. Apart from White people of course, they aren’t allowed to because that would be “racist” and some kind of pathological phobia!

Don’t let anti-Whites pretend this flood of “migrants” won’t alter the demographics of Europe in a significant and genocidal way. Although we don’t have the data to hand, our guess is that back in the 1970s Kaufmanns constituency was 95-99% White. Now think about that for a moment. In the space of 30-40 years it is almost minority White! Get your head around that for a minute because that’s the way ALL areas in Europe are heading. The current day influx of non-White immigration (illegal AND legal) dwarfs the immigration levels of the past! It is growing larger and larger every month! Furthermore it appears the real reason for this “migrant” crisis is to flood ALL and ONLY White countries with so much non-White immigration that by the time the indigenous White populations have woken up to the scam they will be overwhelmed and unable to act! Over at White Genocide Project they have reported on Peter Sutherland who is one of the main proponents of this tactic…..just the kind of man you would want in charge of “international migration” at the UN (troll face)

So fellow Whites, the time for action is now; put down the x-box controller, turn off the ball game, stop thinking about that new car you want, it does NOT matter.
Spread the message that all the conditions that have been forced upon ALL and ONLY White countries are just a scam; a genocidal scam! This is not a “global love party!” It is not our “moral imperative” to give up our living space to an endless supply of “migrants”

Say NO to White geNOcide.