“People like the idea of diversity. They just don’t like being around different people”



LifeWay Research, based in Nashville, Tennessee, has completed a series of studies looking into “diversity” in church.

According to the results, 37% of White people said they wanted their church to be more diverse. 47% of Hispanics, and 51% of Blacks agreed with more “diversity”.

When all groups were taken into account, 67% said their church is “diverse” enough, with less than half (40%) wanting to see more. The results also found 2 out of 3 do not regularly go to a church where they are the minority.

An unconnected study found recently that non-White groups tend to think of “diversity” as meaning more of their own group, which could explain this study’s results.

The people who conducted the study seem a little upset that only 40% wanted more “diversity”.

People like the idea of diversity. They just don’t like being around different people,” said Ed Stetzer, executive director of LifeWay Research.

Stetzer’s observation is confirmed by numerous studies.

Maybe their sense is that church is the space where they don’t have to worry about issues like this,

If you don’t like diversity, you’re really not going to like heaven.

The word “diversity” gets thrown around a lot, but in politics it has a very specific meaning: it means minority White. If you don’t support this, you will usually see the words “racist”, “bigot”, “nazi”, etc thrown at you as well.

These anti-Whites might as well be screaming “you’re a big meanie!”, but now we must move on to the main point here.

This is White Genocide simply because when they open the borders and call for more “diversity” (less Whites), they are putting in place conditions which lead to our demise.

That’s genocide in a nutshell.

h/t White GeNOcide Project