Oslo, Norway, is facing White genocide, as schools become less White



Statistics show that Oslo’s school population is becoming increasingly non-White, as the city is being made more “diverse”, and less Norwegian.

According to the statistics, over one third of Oslo’s schools are minority Norwegian, and shockingly, there are 7 schools where Norwegians make up less than 10% of school children.

All schools have at least some students from an immigrant background, but depending on the district of Oslo, this can range from less than 10% of students being non-Norwegian, to an excess of 90% being non-Norwegian.

Gran and Mortensrud, are two such alarming areas where less than 5% of school children are native-Norwegian.

Jan Bohler, Labour party politician told TV2, that “there is a problem considering that we all benefit from growing up together, across cultures. It would create more community and less danger of contradictions if one had a more even distribution throughout the city

There has never been a mass vote of immigration in ANY White country to date, which allowed anti-White politicians to.start importing African, Middle Eastern, or Asian immigrants. This has been forced on us, whether we like it or not.

As our cities have gradually been filling up with non-White immigrants, White people have been moving out to the suburbs (White flight).

And now the anti-Whites want to chase us down, and force our suburbs to accept this “diversity” that we never voted for or asked for.

This is not “multiculturalism”; it is not “progress”; it is not “diversity”, and it’s not any other silly buzzword. It is simply White Genocide, because they are trying to make us a minority everywhere.

Genocide is not about the methods you use, it’s about what you are trying to achieve.

H/T White GeNOcide Project