New Polish government rejects illegal immigrant quota because of Paris attacks



Poland’s future minister for European affairs, Konrad Szymanski, said the government would not take illegal immigrants and refugees, which the former government had agreed to do.

In the face of the tragic acts in Paris, we do not see the political possibilities to implement” the former government’s plan, he told Polish news site,

Poland is now the fifth EU country to rebel against the EU elite’s plans. The Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia are the other four.

While the anti-Whites are “diversifying” Western and Northern Europe, the rest of the continent remains White and proud of their identity.

The elite are using the EU to try to force those countries to take non-White immigrants, but they are resisting, especially now, after they see what happens when they do.

Studies show that 2 out of 3 Poles do not want immigrants in Poland, and about 69% say they do not want non-White people in their country at all.

The anti-White elite are furious that their White Genocide agenda is not being accepted in the country, for some reason, their goal is to get rid of ALL the majority White countries – not just some.

H/T White Genocide Project