Metropolitan Police to be the “Minority Police”–UK Police force “too White”


AntiWhitePropSmallMP (Member of Parliament) Keith Vaz said he wants more non-Whites to be encouraged into the UK’s police, especially administrative positions where they will have a lot of power.

Vaz, who is chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Committee, said that the general public was losing trust in the country’s police force, and said it was time for “dramatic” solutions

One of Vaz’s suggestions was to deliberately appoint a non-White person to be a police chief instead of White person.

We are very much in a crisis mode when it comes to diversity in policing and we need to do something dramatic. The only way to do it is to progressively recruit people into jobs.” MP Vaz said

At the very least I think it would be a good idea that the next time we have a vacancy for commissioner we should make it a rule that there is a black or minority ethnic candidate shortlisted for the job.

MP Vaz may have been speaking about the country’s top non-White police officer, Patricia Gallan, a black woman, who is the deputy assistant commissioner for the police.

The Metropolitan’s current Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, said last week that the police should make sure that the workforce reflects London’s minority White population. Members of the police have said one of Sir Hogan-Howe’s primary policies is to make the police force less White.

The figures from a police report conducted in 2012 show that 10% of full-time police officers are “minorities”, but “minorities” make up about 40% of the city’s population.

The police are currently running a campaign called­ “London is You”, which is aiming to recruit a target of 5,000 new officers by 2015. Another aim of the campaign is to make sure that of these 5,000 new officers, at least 30% should be non-white.

Chairwoman of the Metropolitan black police association, Janet Hills, claimed “institutional racism” still existed, saying that “the pro­cesses they have around recruitment are not fit for purpose.”

This idea behind making the police non-White is that it is supposed to represent the public. However, when it came to massive non-White immigration, forced White assimilation, and screaming at how guilty White people are; notice how there was no discussion allowed.

On the issues that result in White genocide, there was no “representation” allowed; there was ONLY one opinion that was allowed to be represented, and that was the opinion that those policies that result in White genocide were good.

If White people everywhere had accepted massive non-White immigration, and forcing every White area to accept non-Whites, then it would not be genocide – it would be stupidity. However, since we as a group of people, were never allowed to discuss any of the policies that led to White genocide, that makes it genocide.

In other words, if the Tibetans had voted to become apart of China and were allowed an honest and open discussion about it, it would not be genocide, however since it was forced on them it is genocide. Similarly, when massive non-White immigration and forced assimilation is pushed in every White country, and every White neighborhood across the globe – that is a clear example of genocide.

H/T White GeNOcide Project