Sun Tzu famously advised leaving a line of retreat to your enemies even when you have them surrounded. After all, you don’t want them fighting to the bitter end. You want them to see there is an alternative to death.

Hillary Clinton has provided us no such option. Her recent comments should not be a subject for laughter or mockery. They are a deeply ominous warning to every one of us.

Everyone’s having a good time snickering at her speech about half of Trump’s supporters being a “bucket of deplorables.” It’s so awkward and cringe-inducing it reminds you of Mitt Romney complaining about “trickle down racism,” another case where a politician tried to express moral indignation through a term obviously conjured up by a committee of political consultants. Clinton can’t even be outraged without seeming utterly fake.

Yet Hillary Clinton has a soul of a sort. We got a glimpse into the black pit residing within this infernal crone when the cameras caught her laughing about the torture and slaughter of Muammar Gaddafi, who was stupid enough to trust the word of the U.S. Government. The consequences of Clinton’s policy in Libya have been an utter catastrophe, unless it really was her goal to deliberately destabilize the Middle East and flood Europe with mass Third World immigration.

Where Hillary really showed her hand was in characterizing “some of those folks” as “irredeemable.” “Irredeemable” means there is nothing they – we – can do to be regarded as part of American society, to be citizens like everyone else with certain inherent rights. As Clinton put it, we are “not America.” We are simply an enemy to be destroyed.

At some level, we already know this. The National Press Club is willing to host anyone in the entire world, except White people who don’t hate themselves. To the American government and the corporations which control the Internet,we are on par with the Islamic State. Throughout the “free world,” patriots are arrested for what they say online or attacked in the streets by pro-System thugs. Stating the fact – the indisputable, undeniable reality that race is real and that people are not equal – is career ending, regardless of your prestige or accomplishments.

We are hated for who we are, for our immutable, unchangeable characteristics. We aren’t just the Alt Right, we are the only alternative to the entire System, the one group which can never be assimilated or accepted by them. Unless you consciously decide to work for your people’s destruction, you are an enemy, a kulak, an unperson. All Whites are racist, all non-white failings can be blamed on racism, andthere is no salvation in this new theocracy. That is the essence of what it is to be “irredeemable.”

But there’s a contradiction at the heart of this new anti-White American creed, the rot which threatens to break apart the whole System. The one group characterized as “not America,” Trump supporting European-Americans, are also the group which keeps the whole failed experiment limping along. The group most likely to support Trump, the Scots-Irish, are also the one group who identify simply as “American.” Those whom the elite call “not American” are the most American in any meaningful cultural sense. And the non-white “new Americans” fetishized by Hillary and her media don’t want any part of the historic American nation.

Even with a black president, outrageous government benefits, and an all but official state ideology of multiculturalism, nonwhites feel less patriotic towards America than whites. Whites disproportionately bear the costs of America’s wars. Whites are not the ones offended by the American flag, who want the Founding Fathers’ names taken off schools, who see American history as a long Narrative of shame and oppression.

As the white majority decreases, nonwhites will feel less pressure to make even token gestures of solidarity with the American nation. Increasing black and Hispanic political power won’t increase American unity, but further the centrifugal process already underway.

Even if American founding principles are defined entirely in terms of the “struggle towards equality,” it’s not going to win anybody over. Why should blacks or Hispanics feel loyalty towards a Republic founded by men who today would be called “irredeemable” by Hillary Clinton? It makes far more sense for them to feel loyalty to their own race and to pay rhetorical tribute to some universal ideal of equality which transcends American identity. They also have more to gain in terms of material benefits by claiming continuing oppression. If a specifically American identity survives, it will be because the “new America” of non-whites will be framed as a victory over the old European-America. Black South Africa is the obvious model for what is on the way.

Rotted as we are by both spiritual and material poisons, our people could probably be coaxed to acquiesce to our extermination, as long as it was done gradually. But it’s unclear the American Left can allow this. The only thing holding the Democrats’ coalition together is hatred of the core European-American population. This hatred has to be kept at a fever pitch to ensure black and Hispanic voter turnout and support for the Democratic Party.

Thus, White identity is a political necessity not for the American Right, but for the Left. It will be forced on Whites whether they like it or not. Issues like reparations, apologies for slavery (and, someday, immigration laws), demands to remove “problematic” historical symbols and memorials, alleged racial bias in law enforcement, and racial disparities in income and education will constantly be sources of agitation. They will always be portrayed in frankly racial terms, with whites pressured for more redistribution of wealth and resources even as the American economy grows more unstable and debt dependent.

And this is, gradually, inevitably, turning into hatred for Whites as such. The undercurrent of Hillary’s “irredeemable” comment, something now explicitly defended by the media, is that racially aware whites deserve no political representation, no place in polite society, nothing but contempt and hatred. At the same time, the racial identity of every other group is to be praised. Nothing is even offered to defend this double standard anymore except snark and signaling.

This is a suicidal strategy. It increases the expectations among nonwhites to unrealistic levels. As we see with the carnage in the cities and attacks on police officers, it constantly threatens to spill out of control into violence and rioting. There’s also the threat White and Jewish leftists will lose political control of their black and Hispanic pets, who will refuse to vote for the likes of Hillary Clinton much longer. If not united by a common foe, the militant left cannot coexist with Clintonian corporate liberalism for long, as we saw in the 2016 Democratic primaries.

The only tactic they have is to double down on incitement against the European-American population. What Raspail called the conflict between “the Fatherland and the Republic” in France, the contradiction between the egalitarian premises of the System and the reality that whites created and sustain the West, will define the politics of the next century in America and Europe.

The foundational principle of the modern anti-West is the idea you can replace the entire population of a country without cost to its institutions, social stability, and level of civilization. This principle, as we see every day, is wrong. And just as failed socialist regimes turn to outlandish theories about “wreckers” and saboteurs to explain the failure of their system, so will Cultural Marxists turn on us. The more “White racism” is pathologized, the more unhinged and hysterical will be the witch hunts for the racial dissidents ostensibly ruining everything.

Some Whites will cuck, some whites will collaborate, but an ever greater number will begin to realize they have no choice but to fight or die. As we are seeing with the current media surge for the Alt Right, we are ideally placed to take advantage of the Left’s strategic necessity for a White boogeyman. We will serve their short-term interests until the precise moment we can either take power or break free of their filthy System.

We face an opportunity, but also a terrible danger. Leftists used to bemoan the so-called “eliminationist” rhetoric of the American Right as inherently immoral because characterizing electoral opponents as enemies to be destroyed is a sanction for political violence. Now, characterizing half of all Trump supporters as de facto enemies of the state is taken as a self-evident good, and the only quibbling is about just how many undesirables need to be purged.

Even the “redeemable” half of Trump’s supporters are, according to Hillary, desperate for change but it “doesn’t really even matter where it comes from.” Their views are also not really worth consideration.
Do not underestimate what is coming if Hillary Clinton is president. As “Decius” predicted in his widely circulated “Flight 93 Election” piece, an extreme policy agenda “will be coupled with a level of vindictive persecution against resistance and dissent hitherto seen in the supposedly liberal West only in the most ‘advanced’ Scandinavian countries and the most leftist corners of Germany and England.”

The law is always just a reflection of power, not power itself. The First Amendment or the Constitution will not save us.

Hillary has put us on notice. From the street level antifa to the shitlib journalists, from the plutocrats to the current President, we are the enemy. No tactics are off the table.

Yes, it is White genocide. Yes, they really do want to destroy us. And yes, you are going to have to decide which side are you on.

H/T Gregory Hood via RadixJournal