Germany: Proposed law would allow government to enter private property and plan for “accommodation of refugees”



There is a new law being secretly proposed in Germany, that is so insane that the journalist who researched it thought it was a joke at first.

The journalist, Gunnar Schupelius, writes that the proposed law would “authorize the police to enter private homes to house refugees, even against the will of the owner.

In German Basic law, it states that “The home is inviolable“, the only time this doesn’t apply is when it’s “to avert imminent danger” in the home – in other words to stop serious crimes.

Schupelius looked into the new law and found that it was being proposed to the Senate Chancellery, which is a department of the Senate of Berlin.

This proposed law would make changes to the “Universal Law to Protect Public Safety and Order in Berlin” (abbreviated as ASOG).

This change would add a new paragraph which states:

The regulatory authorities and the police can enter to check the suitability for accommodation of refugees on property, buildings or parts thereof without the consent of the owner, if this is necessary to prevent imminent homelessness.

According to Schupelius, this news has received little attention, and only Berlin FDP General Secretary Sebastian Czaja has said it was the “open preparation for breach of the constitution.”

The journalist says that this proposal has now “suddenly disappeared from the table“, but calls on Mayor Michael Müller to “come clean rather than prepare secretly and surreptitiously intrusion into private homes…

OMG! How long before heads start rolling? If it’s true, this is insane.

And let’s also not forget that some politicians are calling for young Germans to have a year of “social service” where they are forced to “service” illegal immigrants.

In this last year they’ve really kicked White Genocide up a level.

H/T White Genocide Project