German Chancellor: Islam “belongs to Germany”




Despite protests, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel said that Islam is a part of Germany.

Former president Wulff said Islam belongs to Germany.she said after speaking to the Turkish Prime Minister, “That is true. I also hold this opinion,

Anti-White politicians in Germany are being put under increasing pressure from the growing PEGIDA protests which are against immigration from Muslim countries, as well as Islamic culture being forced on them.

At first, a spokeswoman for the German government said there was “no place” for their views, which she described as “religious hatred“. That only helped to stir up more support for the protesters.

Markus Ulbig, Interior Minister for Saxony noticed this and told[The German government] cannot label 10,000 people as right-wing extremists. That creates more problems than it solves“.

The fact is, these protests would never have taken place if Germany had not opened its borders to non-European (non-White) immigration.

All this non-White immigration and all these “diversity” programs (where no area can be “too White”), all of it is causing White people in countries across the globe to become a minority.

Nobody ever really asks “why is this happening?”. It seems only a few of us ask that questions . . . but one thing I do know is that this is a program of genocide.

It’s White Genocide because anti-White politicians and groups are aware that what they push results in a White minority, but they do it anyway. Deliberately targeting a group to make them the minority is not genocide by some technicality in the genocide conventions – it is just the lesser heard of definition.

h/t White GeNOcide Project