paltalk_fwg_chat_room_banner_jazzy_background is up and running and the guys at FWG are ready to have BUGSERS spread the word that WGP has a new sister site called

The aim of FWG is to compile all White Genocide activism in one place so it can be easily accessed by everyone, it will also be home to a large collection of White Genocide material so people can easily find material without having to search multiple sites to find what they need.

FWG has a PayPal fundraising button so people can donate directly towards White Genocide Awareness Projects that will be listed on FWG under the Current Projects tab. People can donate via PayPal or email for instructions on donating anonymously.

At the moment donations are being raised for a new billboard in the Pacific NW that is being spearheaded by Bugsers from the very start to its completion. The guys already have a mock billboard design which can be viewed under the projects tab at FWG. With the help from Bugsers we hope to gain attention as a site that does not propose activism but gets out there and makes it happen.

If you have any White Genocide activism that you don’t see displayed on FWG, please send it through so it can be uploaded for everyone to see. These contributions from our team as well as other pro-whites will help FWG enormously in compiling the massive amount on White Genocide activism in circulation already and a step towards making FWG an invaluable resource.

For information regarding this site or to submit White Genocide activism information please email:

For project ideas and funding please email:paltalk_fwg_avatar

For donation information please email: