EU boss: “fear of diversity” is destroying Europe; “no European is more European than any other.”



Federica Mogherini, the EU High Representative of Foreign Affairs, claimed that all that mattered was that someone was born in Europe, and they were as European as anyone else. She is still sticking to this view.

I have been criticized because I said that Islam is part of Europe. It is time to recognize that these are Europeans citizens, born in Europe, who grew up in Europeshe said.

If we paint the culture war on the wall again we show that we haven’t learned the lesson of the last two decades. When we portray the problem as ‘We Europeans, we Christians against them, the Muslims, Arabs, terrorists’, it warps our view of reality. We are speaking here about Europeans. We also confirm the narrative of those who want to show us that coexistence is possible.

What are the values that we say the terrorists are attacking? The fundamental values of Europe are these: the ability to work together, live side by side, even when we differ from one another in nationality, culture and religion. These are exactly the values that enable us to live together after thousands of years of wars. We have shown that coexistence is not only possible, but also a source of peace and well-being.

If we fall into this trap of simplification, we destroy our values. It is not diversity that is destroying our society but the fear of diversity. Clearly that also imposes an obligation. We must invest so that everyone feels included. There is no European that is more European than any other.

Mogherini was one of the politicians who deliberately exposed Europe’s borders back in May 2015, when she told the United Nations thatno refugees or migrants intercepted at sea will be sent back against their will.

One of the biggest goals of those in control of EU was to destroy Europe’s White majority, and make it a “global” continent. This is also the goal of many other Western governments.

The scream “diversity”, “diversity”, “diversity” all day long, but that is just a buzz word / code word for White genocide.

What they really mean is: “too White!”, “too White!”, “too White!”

H/T White GeNOcide Project