Dubai “refugee” says Norway sucks, and goes back home



Aisha, an immigrant from Dubai went to Norway and claimed to be a refugee. Despite receiving 3,000 Kroner (400 Euros) a month and free housing, she complained that it was too cold, that she had to carry her own groceries, and that she didn’t like the food.

Honestly, I was shockedshe told, “I thought Norway was more modern and more civilized. It was so cold there. Cold in all respect.

We stayed in a very small village, with only two supermarkets . . . and you had to carry all the heavy groceries back, on your own feet. It was very tough for me.

The food! It was the biggest problem. It was neither organic or natural.

She withdrew her asylum application, and went back to Dubai. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) paid for her journey back home, and also gave her 20,000 kroner (2,700 Euros) as a gift.

A very large portion of “refugees” are just immigrants who know how to cheat the system to get into rich countries. That’s why this “Aisha” woman decided to go back – like most of them, she was in no danger.

Our governments know this too, but to advance their agenda, they have are trying to get as many immigrants in as possible.

They want immigrants to pour into the West (provided they’re non-White) so they can distribute them through-out every majority White country, city, town, and village. This is what they mean when they say “diversity” or “multiculturalism”.

This White Genocide.

Genocide is legally defined as a deliberate plan or agenda resulting in the “harm or destruction” of a group – it’s not necessarily violent; it can be government policies, for example.

“Diversity” is only ever forced on White areas because they are White.