Anti-White Street Signs in New York City lash out at White people


The next time you’re visiting New York City, you may be alarmed to find street signs which say some pretty anti-White things.

One sign has a picture of a camera and reads “WHITE GUILT IS COMPLACENCY“.

Another sign reads “IS YOUR GUILT ENOUGH?” and has a picture of a Black hand and a White hand washing.

Another sign shows a hand and reads “YOUR PRIVILEGE DOESN’T NEED CONSENT

Despite looking like official signs, they were not actually put up by the New York City government. The signs were put up by anonymous individuals in association with a group called Ghana ThinkTank.

The signs were developed in May, allegedly as part of an “art” project, and as of this month they are being put up around the city by anonymous anti-White activists.

Christopher Robbins, a Ghana ThinkTank organizer and associate professor, said the signs are designed to trick people into believing they’re real, because “a street sign signifies the official voice of the system around you.

Robbins said politically-charged street signs should “blend in enough to initially be absorbed as something official and sanctioned” and that “once the content has sunk in, a rupture happens.

He said that the point of the signs was that “our own action and inaction is part of the cumulative process that helps extend these unfair systems.

These “the system is unfair” people are a joke – and a bad one at that. They say White people have an unfair advantage over the system because we are still the majority (much to their frustration). And they argue that the final solution is to get rid of the White majority.

But why is this argument only ever applied to White places? Ever heard any so-called “anti-racist” groups complain that Africa is “too Black” or that the Middle East is “too Brown”? I’ve never, ever heard them say that, have you?

To these “anti-racist” groups, it’s always about White people. They keep targeting White people like were are the ultimate evil on the planet.

But to me, at least, their actions speak louder than their words: anti-racist just means anti-White.

H/T White Genocide Project