Anti-White Lord paying to fly immigrants to Poland.



Lord Arthur Weidenfeld, a Jewish man born in Austria, has unveiled his plan to fly 2,000 Iraqi and Syrian Christians to Poland.

He described this move as a way of “repaying his debts” to the British Quakers and other Christians who helped him leave the country during World War 2.

The ‘Weidenfeld Safe Havens Fund‘ has now been set up, and has already paid for 150 Syrians to be flown to Poland.

Only a few parts of Iraq and Syria are actually held by the Islamic State, and besides that, there are many Christian-safe countries in the Middle East anyway.

Why Poland, you ask? Because in the last few months, anti-Whites have decided that Poland will be the next country to face this White Genocide agenda.

Even though about 69% of Poles say they want their country to be exclusively for White people, the anti-White ruling class has decided that Poland will follow in the footsteps of Western Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Some people claim that this is a Jewish conspiracy, and while they do certainly have a very active role, we are not dealing with a single hostile race, religion, or political ideology. Anti-Whites come in all shapes and sizes, and the most important point we should be making is that they’re anti-White, and that White genocide is their ideology.

H/T White GeNOcide Project