Anti-White Irish man can’t wait to flood Europe with Non-Whites because we deserve it


There really is nothing worse than an “educated” anti-White. They look back to historical wrongdoings by the anti-White elites (colonization, slavery, natural resource theft) and instead of pointing the fingers at these elites they use the current day White populations–who had nothing to do with any of it—as a repository for historical guilt. They lay blame on the SAME people a new generation of anti-White elites want to replace with a new generation of the non-White people their ancestors exploited hundreds of years ago. The “educated” anti-White seems to think that the best way to punish the anti-White elites for their historical wrongdoings is to promote EXACTLY what they want; the flooding of all White countries with non-White people so they can be turned into easy to manage and exploit mixed race melting pots; just like Brazil.

Here is a perfect example of the feeble anti-White mind. Perhaps he has good intentions (for the non-Whites of course), or perhaps he Is just another sociopath masquerading as a social justice warrior—who knows? But what he is writing in this article is truly the work of a sick anti-White mind.


Irish “politician” Eamonn McCann wrote this a few weeks ago in an Irish publication:

“If displaced people had a country of their own it would be bigger than Spain. The numbers – 50 million and rising – are set to grow, soon and significantly.”

So he is well aware of the numbers involved in this so called “migrant” crisis. He is well aware that we aren’t just talking about one boy washed up on a beach. No, we are talking about well over 50 million non-Whites who want to flood into Europe. 50 million non-Whites who will breed at least another 200 million non-Whites in the space of a generation.

Mr McCann continues by stating:

“Meanwhile, the biggest refugee problem of all, of Palestinians ethnically cleansed to facilitate the creation and expansion of Israel, steadily worsens. The perpetrators are welcomed into the community of respectable world leaders. Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank hear influential Israeli voices in Israeli politics calling for the job to be completed.”

So McCann obviously feels the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians–a non-White group–is a bad thing (which it is) but has no problem forcing similar conditions on White Europeans, as long as it benefits non-White groups? Can’t you see how anti-White that all is McCann?

Then Mr McCann moves into the tried and tested anti-White tactic by saying Europe must be flooded with non-Whites because we deserve it:

“They will be aware that European powers bear great blame for the cataclysm which has driven them onto the roads and the seas. Manipulation of borders, theft of natural resources, divide-and-rule policies, funnelling arms into the area, invasion, bombing . . . But now . . . Nothing to do with us . . . You’ve been warned . . . One more step”

Isn’t it funny how when they aren’t telling us how great vibrancy is, they are demanding we must accept it as a form of punishment! But as we already said Mr McCann, the anti-Whites whose ancestors did all of those things you list in your diatribe are the EXACT same groups who want to flood these people into Europe today.

Your fellow “Irish man” Peter Sutherland ex Goldman Sachs and now “Un Special Reserve For International Migration” (and Bilderberg member) was saying in 2012 that the EU should “undermine national homogeneity”

And it sure looks like they are using this “migrant crisis” as an excuse to do just that. See here and here

Mr McCann concludes his White genocide-promoting article by saying the following:

“Desperate people seeking safety for their families will press up against barriers erected against them by Europe and continue in ever greater compression……..The wave of misery washing over the world will not ebb soon. This is not a crisis but an epoch-changing moment. Only an upsurge of decency from below, challenging the priorities of the elites on policy at home as well as in relation to refugees, will meet the challenge. The attitudes of EU governments on display on Monday make violence with unpredictable consequences inevitable. On their heads be it.”

Now either Mr McCann really is a low IQ clown or he is being disingenuous here. Does he really not see the two steps forward one-step back game Sutherland and his anti-White cronies at the EU are playing? Are you really THAT dumb Mr McCann?

However, it would seem that Mr McCann is so much of a cuck that he wants to give up his living space in the beautiful emerald isle to literally as many non-Whites as he can squeeze in. He has even been out protesting that “migrants” equivalent to 5% of his areas population should be flown into old army barracks that were used by the English in the 1970s and 80s.

Mr McCann was quick to protest for the former residents of those army barracks to get out of Ireland (White English soldiers and their families) but is now protesting for them to be filled up again, only this time with non-Whites from around the globe.

Here is the question we must all ask from this story: Is there anything dumber than a White anti-White cuck?

H/T White GeNOcide Project