78 US counties have become minority White in just 13 years.


Pew Research Center have released statistics showing that from 2000 to 2013, 78 US counties have went from being majority White to a White minority.

This new data reveals the shocking extent of White Genocide across America in the last decade.

Pew Research Center says this is happening “from California to Kansas to North Carolina”, but is “concentrated in California, the South and the East Coast, bypassing much of the country’s middle section.”

The state of Georgia had the most dramatic changes, with the White population being pushed down by 20% to 30%. This is entirely due to increasing non-White immigration.

Interestingly, Calhoun County in South Carolina and West Feliciana Parish in Louisiana actually went from being minority White to majority White. No doubt the country’s finest “diversity” experts will be dispatched to these areas to solve this terrible crime.

Not only is this happening in America, it’s also happening in Europe and Australia – anywhere White people are the majority.

When “anti-racists” are screaming at White areas demanding they become “diverse” and “multicultural”, they’re not being entirely honest.

If they were honest they’d call themselves anti-White and they’d openly call for White genocide.

White GeNOcide Project