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UK School children more aware of anti-White policies than previous generations.

While the last few generations have been unashamedly anti-White, a new UK survey shows that school children are waking up in their masses. Almost 6,000 10 to 16 year-olds in England have taken part in a survey, issued by the group ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ or ‘SRTRC’ for short. ● 84% of the children agreed that: […]

Elderly Swedish people evicted from their homes to make an “Asylum accommodation”.

The Swedish Migration board has given permission to the new owner of a housing estate to turn it into accommodation for immigrants. The current residents of the Millmark center, near the town of Torsby, have been told by the new owner, Erik Jonsson, that they must pack their bags and move out. Evy Hellqvist, a 70 […]

Estonia must accept African & Middle Eastern immigrants says politician.

Kalle Laanet, an Estonian politician, spoke at the International Migration Forum held in Tallinn. He told the audience that the question is not: Should Estonia take the African and the Middle Eastern immigrants (who illegally entered Southern Europe)? He said the question is: How will Estonia take the immigrants? “Today the issue is not whether Estonia […]

White Genocide: Swedish minority by 2050

For many White countries, 2050 seems to be the point that they are predicted to become minority White. According to the data, this is true for Sweden as well. Almost 20 years ago, most areas in Sweden were over 70% to 80% Swedish. In 2009, one area (Botkyrka) was minority Swedish, and just a few […]

Is the White minority school system to blame for increased bullying of White kids?

A survey of bullying in US schools has found that if you are a White girl you are the most likely to be the victim of bullying, and White children in general are the most targeted group for bullying. The survey found that a quarter (24%) of girls, and 20% of boys said they were […]

UK: Anti-Whites throwing a tantrum after White Genocide poster found near a school.

Sunny Days Nursery, a place for pre-school children in Derbyshire, has been the latest place to see the White genocide message posted in public. Although the “Multiculturalism is Genocide” poster does not strictly mention White genocide, that’s the point it’s making because it was placed over a cartoon with a mixed-race child featuring in it. […]

“The Problem of Blackness.” Black students at Appalachian State University applaud continuation of controversial course.

Black students derided the two Black advocacy groups whose ignorance and racism led them to mount a contemptible, hateful protest that claimed that the course “The Problem of Blackness” was “anti-Black.” Challenged on Professor Bebout’s choosing “The Problem of Balckness” as his course’s title, ASU President Michael Crow responded, “The professor was not attempting to […]

May 2015 White House White Genocide Petitions

Tell White Americans: “White folk, look at your own family, or families you know, and see it happening.” ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are being flooded with millions of non-Whites, and Whites are forced to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence. Whites today are […]

Ex-President Sarkozy still wants to destroy White France

Debate has been sparked in France after around 900 illegal immigrants (mostly men, and mostly from Africa) boarded an unstable boat which sunk while trying to breach Europe’s borders. Back when Colonel Gaddafi ruled Libya, he warned that “Europe could turn into Africa“. He advised Europe that “Tomorrow Europe might no longer be European, and […]

White Genocide signs found near a school in South Carolina

News 2, a South Carolina media company has reported on a sign which said “Diversity means chasing down the last White person #White genocide“. The sign was found on a street near the Summerville Elementary School in early April. It was not on school property, but News 2 reports that some parents were concerned “of […]

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