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Welcome to Germany!

Diversity is a Code Word for #WhiteGenocide #GermanProblemsNight #WR #antiWhite #tcot #ccot #UKIP #Germany — Horus the Avenger (@eurorabbit) October 28, 2014 Share!

Anti-White Overload: British are a “terrible race” that “should be contained”

Bill Oddie, famous in Britain mostly for his appearance in a 70’s T.V. show called “The Goodies“, went on BBC1’s Sunday Morning Live show which asked “Is the UK too hostile to immigration?” He was in support of accepting more immigrants into the UK. He went so far as to say that native Brits should […]

White Genocide in America 1960 – 2060.

USAToday has put out a new article which maps the “Diversity Index” of the various States in America, from 1960 to 2010, with what they are predicted to become by 2060. “This is just the beginning. Barring catastrophe or a door-slam on immigration…” the USAToday reporter wrote, “For the first time, non-Hispanic White students are […]


White Rabbit Radio’s 3d Rabbits


Activismo contra el geNOcidio blanco

@IberiaWarg Combatiendo el GeNOcidio Blanco! keep kicking antiWhite asses all over Spain! #WhiteGenocide — Horus the Avenger (@eurorabbit) October 18, 2014 Activismo contra el geNOcidio blanco — NOAlGeNOcidioBlanco (@IberiaWarg) October 19, 2014 En España los jóvenes nacionalistas decimos NO al geNOcidio blanco. Lucha por tu futuro. — DNJ Gran Canaria (@DNJGranCanaria) July 23, 2014 […]

Rally to be held against “diversity is white genocide” flyers, Springfield, Oregon.

According to the, anti-Whites in Springfield, Oregon, are organizing a rally this Saturday outside City Hall to protest the recent White genocide flyers that were distributed at several local events. Ada Ball, a rally organizer hopes people will “come together as a community to affirm that Springfield will not tolerate hate, and is a […]

Media reports on “Diversity is White Genocide” banner in Australia.

The Courier Mail has written a very one-sided report about a banner that was put up on an overpass in Springwood, Australia. “It’s just a big let-down to see pictures like that especially so close to home,” said Zach Powson, from Logan, according to the Courier Mail. “When I first saw it I was outraged. […]

Red Ice Creations Radio 3fourteen round 2

Post by Red Ice Creations. Share!

#WhiteGenocide Memes spreading like wildfire!

#tcot #isis #ebola #nfl #WarOnWhites #foxnews — M M (@tripleh11769) October 7, 2014 Share!

Jimmy Marr blowing the pipes and hammering the antiWhites.

Jimmy Marr blowing the pipes and hammering the antiWhites. Diversity is a code word for #WhiteGenocide. #WR #TCOT — Horus the Avenger (@eurorabbit) October 5, 2014 Share!

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