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#WhiteGenocide Activism at The local bar-b-que house‏

“I’ve notice that most BBQ houses have bulletin boards for business cards and lots of good-ole-boy-red blooded-American customers.” Way to go Ken and what a simple way to bring awareness to White Genocide than your Local Bulletin Boards. It’s encouraging to think of how many people are changed forever by your simple act…..ivism! Make sure […]

School Textbook: “There’s No Such Thing as Reverse Racism” Only White People can be Racist

Editor: We have been saying for some time that Anti-Racism is just a Code Word for #antiWhite.  And the anti-Whites continuously prove us correct.  Paul Joseph Watson is correct to call attention to the hypocrisy. However he is incorrect in believing non-Whites can be racist.  The term has never ever applied to non-Whites.  For the […]

Anti-Whites complain about “racial segregation” in Irish schools

In Ireland, some anti-White groups are upset that the native White Irish are not mixing with immigrants in schools. Former chief executive of the Integration Centre, Killian Forde says “where there are two or more schools in a given area, one is predominantly migrant“. He said that while the government could not tell immigrants or […]

Red Ice Radio: Tim Murdock talks PSYOP Memes


The Endgame – Full White Genocide documentary


Don’t forget about step two of White Genocide: Genetic assimilation via forced integration

All too often both opponents and proponents of White genocide forget that it’s a multistage process, it’s not only about the flooding of EVERY White country with non White immigrants, it’s ALSO about forced integration policies that lead to assimilation. Let us clear something up right from the start here, when we say assimilation we […]

US Vice President Biden celebrates White minority status

Speaking at a summit, Vice President, Joe Biden, said that immigration is “not going to stop” and welcomed a White minority population in America. “I’m proud of the American record on culture and economic integration of not only our Muslim communities but African communities, Asian communities, Hispanic communities,” Biden said, according to Yahoo News. “And […]

March Against #WhiteGenocide

Short Summary The team behind Fight White are coordinating a March Against White Genocide on March 21st 2015 to spread awareness that massive non-white immigration and forced assimilation in ALL white countries IS White Genocide. Donations will be used to produce White Genocide marketing material to be distributed by activists on March 21st. […]

The Resistance to White Genocide is Made Up of Phantoms

According to the prevailing wisdom of the Cathedral and it’s politically correct “hivemind” allies, we’re nothing but ghosts. For those of us that are resisting “white genocide”(or whatever euphemism you wish to use to describe the systematic elimination of Caucasians and our culture from western countries, by means of forced assimilation and integration of people […]

Swedish integration minister pushes “forced” integration & Assimilation

Ylva Johansson, Swedish integration minister, has announced a new law that will deliberately move new immigrants into “low immigrant” (majority White) areas, instead of putting them in “high immigrant” (non-White) areas. Back in October 2014, the Swedish Migration Board announced that it would have no problem breaking the law in order to do this; now […]

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