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The War on Whites!

@LanaLokteff 's excellent interview with @eurorabbit Listen to Radio 3Fourteen, it's great! — 4C Blog (@4CCoffeeCity) August 31, 2014 Share!

UPDATE: Black Cop Kills White Kid #1 Story Today -Washington Times/DrudgeReport

The unarmed White youth gunned down by a Black policeman in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the top story in today’s Washington Times. It is also the uppermost story in the first column of the Drudge Report. The news about Dillon Taylor is seeping out. You read about it here last week. When Michael Brown […]

Study: African tuberculosis wiped out most American Indians before European contact

A new study conducted by professor Anne Stone, of Arizona State University, suggests to us that White people have no need to feel guilty about the alleged killing of the majority of American Indians with diseases. Professor Stone studied the strains of tuberculosis found on the bones of seals and sea lions in Peru, and […]

Red Ice Radio – John Lash – White Genocide & The Archontic Infection


Follow the White Rabbit

"@censorednewsnow: @HansPeterZwetsl @awiss420" — AktionAktivAnarkist (@HansPZwetsloot) July 1, 2014 Share!

Johnny Racist making the rounds

Another brilliant cartoon from our friends at #whiterabbitradio: Pass it on! — Nick Griffin (@nickjgriffinbnp) July 25, 2014 Share!

Show “AntiRacist Hitler” at 2014 White House Conference on STOPPING WHITE GENOCIDE!

If you have a few minutes and a valid email address, please drop by the White House and add your initials to the latest petition.         h/t Fight White GeNOcide Share!

FIGHTWHITEGENOCIDE.COM is up and running and the guys at FWG are ready to have BUGSERS spread the word that WGP has a new sister site called The aim of FWG is to compile all White Genocide activism in one place so it can be easily accessed by everyone, it will also be home to a large collection of White Genocide material so people can easily find material without having to […]

Swedish government to legally deny race exists.

  “We know that different human races actually do not exist,” Swedish Integration Minister, Erik Ullenhag said on Swedish TV. “We also know that the fundamental grounds of racism are based on the belief that there are different races, and that belonging to a race makes people behave in a certain way, and that some […]

France is not Diverse Enough!

Antiraciste est un nom de code pour anti-Blanc! #WR #GénérationIdentitaire #Race #WhiteGenocide #Blancs #Français — Horus the Avenger (@eurorabbit) July 31, 2014 Share!

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