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Heartiste covers BUGS “Counterpropaganda”

Counterpropaganda is memetic defense against the reigning propaganda, which today happens to be the propaganda of anti-white “anti-racism”. COPROP is similar to COINTEL, the former sharing the latter’s goal of protection against enemies within and without who might engage in espionage, subversion, or psychological warfare. COPROP uses the tools and tactics of manipulation of the […]

White Genocide flyers found on cars in Albany, Oregon.

Last week on the Veteran’s Day parade in Albany, Oregon, residents found flyers against White Genocide placed on their car windshields. The flyers featured the phrases “ANTI-RACIST is a code word for ANTI-WHITE” and “DIVERSITY is a code word for WHITE GENOCIDE.” Some anti-Whites were outraged and called the police and local government, and wrote […]

Protests, strikes, and riots in Italy against floods of “refugees”.

In Rome, Milan, and Padua, riot police were called in and clashed with protesters against massive immigration. Protestors in Rome demanded that the local refugee center be closed down, complaining that the immigrants in the center had created poor living conditions in the area. Pope Francis tried to appeal to the protesters sense of religion: “In […]

Is a Billboard Deemed Hateful to Some, Considered Speech?

Is a Billboard Deemed Hateful to Some, Considered Speech? #AntiWhite #Alabama #WR #tcot — Horus the Avenger (@eurorabbit) October 31, 2014 Share!

WHITE GENOCIDE: “White suburbs” soon legally forced to accept “racial diversity”.

A new law which will be finalized by the Obama administration in December will allow the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) to chase down any areas which are ‘too White’ and force them to bring in non-Whites. To do this, HUD will be mapping every US ZIP code, neighborhood, and block by its majority […]

Nearly 70% of White people say USA is more divided now than in 2010.

A new poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports shows that 65% of the White people who took part think the USA is more divided now than it was in 2010. White Americans were more concerned with the direction of their country than other groups. 36% of Blacks said the country was more divided, with 44% of […]

2nd Interview with Red Ice – Radio 3/14

 Managerial Class vs. The Establishment Tim Murdock is the host of White Rabbit Radio and producer of the popular animations, How The Whites Took Over America and Anti-Racist Hitler and Johnny Racist, which are constantly being censored. He returns to discuss the managerial class and why the establishment fears true independent alt media, now resorting […]

German children rebel against multiculturalism with “Heil Hitler” greetings.

An entire class of about 30 school children aged 14 to 15 in a German school near Leipzig are under investigation after they were suspected of using National Socialist slogans and phrases. The students from class 9A at Landsberg Gymnasiums were also suspected of using “Heil Hitler” as a greeting. One student sent a joke which […]

United Nations says Spain cannot instantly deport illegal immigrants.

The Spanish government is planning to change its Citizen Security Law, which would allow illegal immigrants from Africa to be deported instantly upon entering the country. The United Nations is upset by this and says it would break international law – the 1951 Refugee Convention. “UNHCR [United Nations High Court of Refugees] is concerned over a […]

Anti-Whites pushing for open borders in Switzerland, despite majority opposition.

Back in February this year, the majority of Swiss voted to limit the number of immigrants allowed into the country. Next month on November 30th, they will vote for the latest Ecopop initiative, called “Stop overpopulation – safeguard our natural resources“, proposes that the number of immigrants should be limited to 16,000 people a year […]

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