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Austrian intelligence says US organizations are funding immigration into Europe

An anonymous employee from the Austrian Defense Office, which is operated by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense, says that some groups in the USA are paying smugglers to get more African and Middle Eastern immigrants into Europe. “Traffickers demand exorbitant sums to bring refugees to Europe illegally. The conditions are often very poor, but […]

#WhiteGenocide Banner Appears at Confederate Flag Rally Stone Mountain, GA

Recently some FWG activists participated in a rally defending confederate monuments at Stone Mountain, Georgia. The Wall Street Journal Covered the Event. Hundreds of people gathered for the event, flew their confederate flags and danced to the tune of “Dixie”, but among  those confederate flags was a banner which read “Diversity” = White Genocide. Today it […]

White people who “don’t believe in race” are now evil-racist-nazis, according to Colleges.

In the last decade, colleges were punishing students who didn’t completely ignore race. These days, they are punishing students who do ignore race. In present-day colleges, anti-Whites are now saying race DOES exist, and you are an evilracistnazikkkfacist if you refuse to acknowledge someone as a “racial/cultural being“. According to anti-Whites from the University of […]

Germany deporting Balkan immigrants to make room for Africans, Arabs, etc.

The German government is changing it’s rules on refugees in order to make lebensraum for African and Arab immigrants. The government now says it will ban the re-entry permits of 94,000 immigrants who mostly come from the Balkans part of Europe, seeking refugee status in Germany. “Most of the cases relate to asylum seekers from […]

Stop White Genocide activism on the streets of Latvia

On August 4, hundreds of Latvians and people from other Baltic countries joined together to protest the attempts by anti-Whites to kick start White genocide in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. “Stop Genocide Against Latvians” read one protestor’s sign, and another sign called to “Stop Genocide Against White Nations” The protests had around 1,500 people and […]

Unarmed White teen shot dead by cops – but no one cares?

19 year-old Zachary Hammond was on a date with his girlfriend in South Carolina when he was shot dead by a police officer. He was stopped for having 10 grams of marijuana, but was mysteriously shot in the back twice at point blank range by the arresting officer. The police had two reports of this shooting; […]

Britain is “xenophobic” says anti-White United Nations representative

Peter Sutherland, the UN’s special representative on international migration, is abusing his position in the United Nations to label anyone who disagrees with him as “xenophobic“. He said that trying to stop illegal immigrants from entering Britain was “a xenophobic response to the issue of free movement…” “In my opinion, the debate in the UK is […]

“Too many white people” in Pittsburgh says government official

According to Abby Wilson, the deputy director of the Department of Health’s Bureau of Public Policy and Community Relations in Allegheny County, there are too many White people in Pittsburgh. She left Pittsburgh to work in South Africa and then study in the Netherlands, but now that she’s back, she wants to change it. “My […]

The Con of Cuckservatism

Mention the #Cuckservative meme to a Republican and their heads begin to spin and the back peddling begins. It is quite strange that they seem to worry about being pro-White when the majority of their constituents that vote them into power are White. They are distancing themselves further from the people the supposedly represent through […]

Swedish University removes all portraits and busts of White Male Professors

Portraits and busts of all the “white male professors” have been removed from the part of Stockholm University, Sweden, which is dedicated to the study of Law. Not only have they be removed, but they have also been replaced by artwork which apparently promotes “diversity”. One of these is a drawing of a moose head […]

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