Money Bomb!

We have been firing up the Animation department for the last year and half and we have been asked constantly about bringing out animations more often. Our response has always been the same...if there was ever a time were we could speed up production by tossing dollars at things, our audience would be the first to know.

Prior to Part 2 of How Whites Took Over America, the vast majority of our art and animation projects were done pro bono. This last animation was a milestone as we were able to hire a full time animator to take over the series. We spent a great deal of time in the last 6 months developing relationships with a variety of different artists and animators all across the White World. We currently have several projects in the works. Pro bono projects generally have long time lines to completion. How Whites Took Over America Part 2 has changed our model. What we have found with our last animation is that we have enough contacts now to roll out these projects at a much faster pace. All we have to do is stay pro bono on things like voice overs and scripts and hire the animator. By paying for the animation process we can significantly speed things up. We have several artists/animators ready to work with us. So all of you that have asked to see MORE animations FASTER can have the opportunity contribute directly to this endeavor.

How much do animations cost? The rough estimate would be $1,000.00 to 4,000.00 a minute. That is only for the animation process (from storyboard to final product). The difference in pricing is really dependent on the time involved. A minute of animation can take an animator anywhere from a week to a month or more dependent on several variables. How Whites took over America 2 came in under $1,000.00 per minute. Since our animations are dialogue based, we look to stay at the lower end of the scale. We have someone working on an animation every day. What we are looking to do is move into a modified model to get animations out at a much faster rate. All the talent is lined up to allow us to move as fast as we want to go. Those of you that have been requesting this……the ball is in your court.

1st Money Bomb update:  Johnny Racist is officially out!  Assets are built and a new series has been officially kicked off!  Thanks to all those that have contributed to make this happen.  And thanks to all of you looking to contribute to speed up more episodes in this series. 








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