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“Take a ride on the White Rabbit magic bus and prepare to travel to places one could hardly imagine existed. But be warned, once you’ve traveled to these places THERE IS NO GOING BACK! “

Dick Whitman

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Once registered you can just click the Candied Carrot Category on the Front Page and start downloading. You can also go down the right hand side of the site and click the Candied Carrot Tag.

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“White Rabbit Radio with Horus the Avenger is my number one news source.His shows are to all news media what a good water filter is to tap water.He explains all the crap associated with agenda-driven major news networks on the big issues and gives you insight on things you won't hear anywhere else. Simply Refreshing!” JWR


Endgame Exotica

Endgame Exotica has been in the works for some time. Horus has heard all the requests and has responded accordingly. Content will be added all during the week. And there will probably be days with content added on more than one occasion. There are two different types of content exclusive to Endgame Exotica.


  • Geopolitics will be covered and will always have a GEO in the MP3 title. The first podcast for that particular day will always be lettered “a”. For example, EExGEOa20111020 would be the first podcast on Geopolitics for that particular day. Any other podcast for that day will be lettered as follows:”b,c,d, etc..”. The GEO podcasts will be short and to the point (5-30 minutes in length).
  • The Geopolitical part of Endgame Exotica will be very similar to what Horus has done in the past. Of course, GEO will cover more material in a timely manner.
  • The GEO edition will contain two new features unique from the Podcast. Financial News Coverage will be added from time to time. Also, Horus will be discussing Subscription Services that cover Geopolitics when warranted.
  • If you liked Horus's speculation and current take on the news over the past two years.  You should enjoy the GEO edition of Endgame Exotica. Just like in the Podcast, the GEO edition of Endgame Exotica will cover anything Horus sees as relevant.  And more importantly, he will continue to cover the dominate trends.    
  • Horus will no longer be revealing all the sources on Twitter. But he will always give out the relevant information in the podcast. Also, Comments will be open for all subscribers of Endgame Exotica! You can listen to Horus give a brief overview of Endgame Exotica.   
    “You always deliver the goods. I listen to you then a day or so later mainstream news covers the same events, but with their own cute spin. Thanks for the clarity.” JB
  •  Alternative News and Research will be covered in a separate podcast to the Geopolitical podcasts. The Alternative News and Research Podcast will always have a ALTN in the MP3 title. The first podcast for that day will also always be lettered with an “a”. For example, EExALTNa20111020 would the first podcast on Alternative News and Research for that day. Any other podcast for that day will be lettered as follows:”b,c,d, etc..”.
  • The ALTN edition to Endgame Exotica will vary in length due to the content. In general, Horus will be keeping them well under 60 minutes in length. However, there will be special editions that will run longer.
  • The ALTN content will be totally separate posts to the Geopolitical updates. EndGame Exotica Subscribers will be able to comment on the post directly. Content may or may not come as frequently as the Geopolitical content.
  • In General, subscribers can expect the same wild and wooly content you have come to expect from White Rabbit Radio. From Team Pink Rabbit to Nazi Never Never Land Ranch, Horus covers it all.
  • Horus will continue the conversation from the Podcast in regards to all the relevant topics. As the EndGame pics up speed, Horus will be coming back and going over scenarios mentioned over 70 podcasts.
  • The kick off podcast for ALTN is a special feature labeled “The Final visit to Nazi Never Never Land”. This podcast is a special edition double feature.  In this feature, Horus covers such far ranging topics such as White Rabbits and their Natural Psychological State, Nazis and Magical Acts, and the current Chaos enveloping Western Civilization.                                                                                                                                                 “I have to tell you that The Nazi Never Never Land podcast is a work of genius. I see the true power and potential of what you were saying, its brilliant. I listened to it a few times, its timeless.” CD

Please Read

Endgame Exotica subscribers will have real time access. Candied Carrots will be added on a delayed basis. Free access will be delayed by  2-3 weeks or more. Not all posts will make it to the free area.  Again, feel free to listen to  an introduction to EndGame Exotica. Look for content to be added aggressively during the Week. While we would not be surprised if Horus adds multiple different GEO updates on most days. We will not be able to guarantee daily content at this time. This may change in the future. If you enjoyed the podcast, you should enjoy EndGame Exotica.....especially as this planet starts heating up!


Our Twitter will be updated as new content is added.

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      • Make sure to listen to the free content before you buy a 6 month or 12 month membership.  Keep in mind we do not offer refunds.
      • Content will be added during the Week at various different times. Our twitter will be updated as new content is added.
      • There will be two general types of content: Geopolitics and Alternative News and Research.
      • Geopolitics will always have the label "GEO" on the audio file.
      • Alternative News and Research will have "AltN" on the audio file.
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