EndGame Exotica August 15, 2014

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GEO = Geopolitical News

News & Views: UN looking into Ferguson?

August 15, 2014GEOa

News & Views: Who just threatened the PetroDollar?

August 15, 2014GEOb

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9 Responses to “EndGame Exotica August 15, 2014”

  1. Miscegenation Is Murder says:

    I don’t trust cops, but it really wouldn’t have bothered me if they just went in there and massacred the rioters Israel style. I know that it’s a slippery slope that would also entail the possible killings of White Genocide Protesters later, but I am REALLY sick of the whining of these apes. The Blacks that were there should have expected to get mowed down. There shouldn’t have even been any arrests during the riots. I’m not even kidding. If that offends anyone, then f*ck you. In a just society, I think that deadly force can be used as a deterrent to crime. It would put an end to crap like these race riots. Though on the other hand, it could also get out of hand very quickly since pink rabbits control Washington. If it weren’t for that…

  2. Miscegenation Is Murder says:

    Yes, I know that our enemy always uses precedent as a justification to expand their draconian control over us.

  3. eyeslevel says:

    Maybe Putin is reluctant to enter Ukraine to stop an ongoing ethnic cleansing of Russians there because he knows what happened to Germany when they entered Poland to stop an ongoing ethnic cleansing of Germans there.

  4. H.Avenger says:


    What does this link have to do with? Are you you a jew for jesus or something? or are you trying to say that the jews don’t like Christians (listeners are well aware of what rabbis think of christians)

  5. Horus' Insane Asylum says:

    Mr H Rabbit, I wasnt saying anything, that Rabbit in the video was…. Not that you’d even give a damn about what I say or think.

  6. H.Avenger says:


    When you have input pertaining to relevant issues in the podcast. Sure. When you are messing around. NO

  7. Horus' Insane Asylum says:

    The word Jew is in EVERY single one of your podcasts without fail… I fail to understand how anything relating to Judaism or VeggieTales Okra creatures lack relevance to your podcast.

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